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I'm Jonas Bru, a software engineer, currently working at AlephD as a full stack developer. Not so long ago I was studying at INSA Lyon, France. My friends tell me that I'm a pragmatic programmer. I believe that one must not look for the right job, but for the right place to work.

I'm quite a traveler guy, last year I did an Erasmus semester at Chalmers University (Göteborg, Sweden), then an awesome internship at Atlassian, in Amsterdam.

Feel free to contact me :)

stuff I'm good at

Java Sprint Batch C# Android
Python Django C++ Qt
Javascript AngularJS Bootstrap
Haskell Erlang
Agile Git Algorithms Metaheuristics

Take a look to the CV page for more!

stuff I like

  • Traveling; mostly by train, discover new ways of thinking..
  • Good music; in the bus, while working, etc! My LastFM profile
  • Human contact; Well, I'm not talking about that kind of contact.. more like community involvement :)
  • Serrano ham; I want to be buried with a box of serrano ham
  • Photography; take a look at my Flickr!
  • Details and hidden things ;)

Take a look to the Projects page to know what kind of stuff I do!


30 August 2015 - Axys project added! Game overflow soon.

1 February 2015 - Mea Culpa project added! Some content and graphic updates as well.

8 April 2014 - Intro and CV updated. I work at AlephD now :)

11 October 2013 - Tiny Library Manager project that I did in Atlassian added!

6 October 2013 - The few icons are now rendered using Font Awesome.

1 September 2013 - Description of my awesome internship at Atlassian added!

31 August 2013 - The site uses now Jekyll to render its content.

25 April 2013 - Added this news section and a link to my bitbucket profile.

21 April 2013 - Now I know some Python! Thanks Cod'INSA :)

25 February 2013 - Added a project page for the Paris Taxi Flow project, you can test it here (in Flash). May take some time to load, be patient.

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